︎  Here’s our launch for Heineken Silver in APAC. ︎


Here’s how we made the brand Unexpectedly Smooooth.

Heineken Silver

Client : Heineken
Agency : BBH Singapore
Production : BBH Singapore
Year : 2022


Heineken has always been viewed by the younger generation as an old-school, james-bondesque brand that leaves a bitter after taste in their mouths. 

To combat that, Heineken introduced Heineken Silver, a smoother and lighter beer designed specially to target Gen-Zs. 


We crafted 2 films that showcased stuffy and boring situations our protagonist (and normal people) can’t wait to get out of.

Heineken Silver is the catalyst that inspires them to smoothly slide out and leave those scenarios behind into a cooler place where they actually want to hang.

Our KVs featured a smooooth mnemonic based off the Heineken Silver bottle to further add newness, brand recall, texture and colour to the campaign.  We also cast and styled the campaign to reflect the casual new Gen-Z energy we were bringing to the brand. 

On this campaign, we also used some very expensive cameras to shoot some high-speed product beauty shots to bring out the smooooth qualities of Heineken Silver.  These were used for functional edits that then went on social media channels.