Introducing our smoothest drop
made from our smoothest drops


3x Bronze, Cannes
6 x Shortlists, Cannes
1 x Honoree, Webbys
2 x Merit, One Show
5 x Shortlists, One Show
Dezeen's Top 10 Fashion Projects 2022

In 2022, Heineken Silver was plannng to launch in Asia Pacific, and refresh its perception amongst Gen-Z.
So we went where no beer has gone before....into the space of sneakers.  Literally. We collaborated with Dominic Ciambrone, hype-maker
and shoe customiser to celebrities, aka The Shoe Surgeon, to inject Heineken Silver right into the soles  of these limited-edition sneakers, causing the world (and especially Gen-Z) to sit up and pay attention to Heineken Silver’s weird-cool new project inspired by
the smoothness of the new beer.  

Featured on Hypebeast, Vogue, SneakerFreaker and over 400 news sites.
Plus probably the most-ever 🔥 emojis in the comments of a Heineken instagram post.


Client : Heineken
Agency : BBH Singapore, LePub
Production : The Shoe Surgeon, Pleid Street
Year: 2022

Collaborated with this dude, Dominic Ciambrone, The Surgeon

Garnered over 2.7 Billion impressions and 1.4 million earned media, resulting in a 11 point brand score increase. 

Even sneaked our way onto skyscrapers in  Bangalore, the heart of India, where beer wasn’t allowed to be marketed.

“The world of sneakers has no limits. And that of beer either apparently.”