Here’s how to grab the headlines for the meeting between the USA and North Korea. 

Trump and Kim were meeting for the first time on Sentosa, an island in Singapore. The whole world was watching. So we decided to grab a little attention by creating a powerful symbol of peace utilising flowers and World War II-era cannons. 

Our Prime Minister thought it was a good idea.


We even made it to front page of The New York Times.



Client : Sentosa
Agency : BBH Singapore
Production : Sentosa
Year : 2018


For the first time ever, the leaders of the USA and North Korea would be meeting on Sentosa, Singapore for peace talks. 


Drawing on Sentosa’s past as a military fort, we wanted to send a message of peace. Utilising the decommissioned World War 2-era cannons that had been preserved for historical purposes, we decorated them with flowers to symbolise hope for a peaceful future.