Make Time for Sentosa.

Make Time for Sentosa

Client : Sentosa
Agency : BBH Singapore
Production : Freeflow Productions
Year : 2019

3 X Bronze, CCA Gong Show


Singapore’s one of the most work-obsessed, results-oriented, stressed-out places in the world. So for Sentosa, a local holiday destination for Singaporeans, we needed to convince them of the value of taking a breather from their 9-5, and start thinking about their 5-9s instead. 


We imagined a world where everyone was glued to their desks, unable to let go of their work stress and pressure. The only solution to let go of these burdens? A trip to a sunny little island where they can let it all wash away.

The campaign hit an emotional chord, with:

6.5m+ views

across all platforms


worth of PR coverage across 67 pieces

12% increase

in association of Sentosa as a place to bond with family and friends